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We’re very excited to announce the first installation of our collective work at the Watchtower Gallery in Berwick, with thanks to Kate Stephenson. The show will run from 10th to 25th October (thursday-sunday 12-4pm). All blog readers are welcome to … Continue reading

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bird talk

One theme I’ve been pursuing in our conversations has been people’s affinities with birds, probing if our respondents have a totem bird, a favourite maybe. There’s no doubt that robins were the most popular and held a special place in … Continue reading

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Voices of place: the shepherd and the miner

Conversations meander naturally. We cover a lot of of ground, not all on topic for our project, but fascinating nevertheless. Here are some extracts from one day’s sessions that reveal contrasting lives in twentieth century Northumberland. But both speak the language … Continue reading

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birdsong therapy?

When Romi and I originally talked about this project, we were exploring the idea of creative sessions for people living with dementia. Romi has a lot of experience in this area and I’m sure she’ll be talking about her practice in … Continue reading

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sound connections

So what is someone who is primarily a sound recordist (wildlife and natural soundscapes, at that) doing interviewing older people in Northumberland? Well, yes, I have done an awful lot of nature sound recording over the last 25 years – … Continue reading

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opening the conversation

We’ve launched the project rather quietly, more through community networks than any media or pr, to feel our way into it and get the ball rolling with the conversations. This first stage is very much about fieldwork: getting out there … Continue reading

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