Cables, cakes and carpentry

We are coming to the final stages of involving local older people in the Where We Belong words and sounds project. Thousands of words have been written, recorded, collected – some as poetry, some as social comments, some as memoir, some as reflection on the landscape and seascape that surround us.


Over the months, Geoff and I have discussed, pondered and re-considered the ways of presenting the soundscape alongside and around the written words in an installation to be exhibited at The Watchtower Gallery in Berwick upon Tweed. I was particularly keen to find other ways of presenting the written word to the public which avoided the traditional leaflet or a pamphlet or a poster.

Eventually we combined Japanese plywood, lithopress, a local carpenter, a local visual artist, more timber and a lot of on-line research. Then we took a deep breath as it all came together for the preview at Bell View Resource Centre, our partner organisation in Belford. They provided a space for a specially invited audience which prioritised participants and their families and friend who will not be able to get to the actual installation at The Watchtower. Bell View also provided luscious home-made cakes and cheese scones in their cafe so that people could chat in a space outside the installation which required a certain level of quiet.


We had some fantastic feedback as well as some invaluable suggestions about how we might improve the audience experience – such as giving people a bit of guidance about how to ‘navigate’ the installation.

Bucket loads of thanks go to the people who’ve been involved – and watch this space as we invite the widest audience to the installation in October.


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2 Responses to Cables, cakes and carpentry

  1. Hi Romi,
    This sounds and looks so interesting – I would like more detail of how you did the presentation – how you combined the wood and writing. Are the hanging rectangles wood? What will happen to it all once the exhibition is over? I wish I could attend! Congratulations to you and Geoff and all the participants – I look forward to reading more as the Watchtower installation gets closer…


    • romi789 says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth, for reading /commenting.
      Well, yes we are being a bit mysterious to encourage people to come to the actual event. However for overseas observers, this will require some thought on our part- potentially putting everything on line at the end of October when we finish at The Watchtower. The soundscape is an integral part of the installation so the photos here are just a glimpse of the whole thing. .. but you can get an idea of the voices in the soundscape from the various recordings that Geoff has put on here. I was thinking your Dad, Rick, might be interested in some of the older men talking about rural life- but I guess he’s not quite On The Line yet?!


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