bird talk

One theme I’ve been pursuing in our conversations has been people’s affinities with birds, probing if our respondents have a totem bird, a favourite maybe.


There’s no doubt that robins were the most popular and held a special place in quite a few people’s hearts. And here robins have just been voted the nation’s favourite bird.

These are some snippets of our bird conversations. I’ve left them pretty much as they ran; there are nice rhythms to the way people think and talk in a relaxed way.

John speaking of the robin pair that were nesting in his porch:

Jean had already embraced the idea, while Edna wasn’t so sure about birds:

Jean and Olive like blackbirds and thrushes, but are also drawn to robins:

Pat seemed to like the idea, but Marion was quick with her choice:

Norma knew straight off, Jean not so sure and Romi flies with her buzzards:

Joe was intrigued and likes the tameness of robins:

Tom was highly amused by my question, but I think he liked the idea and was drawn on swifts:

Sure, it’s a bit of a forced question: and picking one species might imply disrespect for all the other kinds of bird and their ways of life. But robins do have a special bond for many people.


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