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Poetry in progress

Anyone who has put pen to paper will know the delight and pain of the creative writing process. Geoff and I began this project expecting to meet older people with diverse interests and experiences of living in rural Northumberland but it still comes … Continue reading

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Voices of place: the shepherd and the miner

Conversations meander naturally. We cover a lot of of ground, not all on topic for our project, but fascinating nevertheless. Here are some extracts from one day’s sessions that reveal contrasting lives in twentieth century Northumberland. But both speak the language … Continue reading

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‘Everyone is entitled to their own opinion’

Geoff and I spent a fascinating bit of time with a ninety six year old ex-miner. Trying to capture his approach to life, these are some of his words shaped into a short monologue. Everyone is entitled to their own … Continue reading

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birdsong therapy?

When Romi and I originally talked about this project, we were exploring the idea of creative sessions for people living with dementia. Romi has a lot of experience in this area and I’m sure she’ll be talking about her practice in … Continue reading

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It’s such a shame …

It’s such a shame The village has changed completely, I’d say it was in the past ten years. There used to be leek club and darts team; always something on the go. Now, if I look out of my kitchen … Continue reading

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